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Rollcages - what material should we choose? Т45, CrMo, or CDS?

The main function of the rollcage is to preserve the pilot and the passengers in a case of an accident. All cages must discharge its duties, regardless of the material used. These are made from seamless pipes, according to customer’s requirements, the purpose of the tuned car, and the FIA regulations.

We will make a short summary of the materials used for making rollcages and we will also explain their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of the T45 and chrome-molybdenum pipes is that they are stronger, which allows for a pipe diameter reduction, still attaining the needed strength. This leads to decreasing the rollcage weight with 10-15 kg. Maybe the only considerable disadvantage of these tubes (except the higher price) is that they are harder for processing and welding.

The CDS tubes are easier for processing and welding, and also they absorb the kinetic energy more smoothly, yet they are heavier.
Extreme Tuning strongly recommends that you only entrust to a certified expert welder who has an experience in the installation of protection cages. Non-compliance with the welding technology especially when using T45 and chrome-molybdenum can result in micro cracks and can compromise the integrity of the rollcage.