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Sport exhaust - what is the benefits?

The benefits of the sport exhaust is:

- improve the power of the vehicle

- reduce the weight compared with stock exhaust system

- improve the sound and volume

- reduce the maintenance costs because the quality of new materials is much better

- provide sporty looks and individuality of the car 


Is it possible not to be too noisy?

Normally when designing a sport exhaust we are looking for a change in the exhaust sound, but of course this is with consideration of the customer's requirements. We can add more sport resonators/mufflers in order to reduce the noise levels.

Sport exhaust system for diesel - is it possible?

When installing an exhaust manifold and a bigger turbocharger like Garett GTB2260VK, the flow of the exhaust gasses increases. This necessitates designing a sport exhaust system with bigger diameter. According to the modification, for VAG 1.9 TDI we install sport exhaust with pipe diameter in the 63mm-76mm range.

Is it possible to remove catalytic converter?

Although strictly individual the catalytic converter is one of the major bottlenecks when creating a sport exhaust system. We can replace the cat with a resonator or a straight pipe with a sleeve. The oxygen sensor is pushed away from the direct exhaust gasses flow on the new exhaust system. This way we can keep the factory readings of the sensor. In some cases, a change in the software might be required.

What is a "Twin-Loop" muffler?

"Twin-loop" mufflers force the exhaust pulses to travel through the muffler body twice. This way they reduce the noise without sacrificing the engine performance. This type of muffler is much better option for controlling the noise compared to the regular muffler silencer which creates a bottleneck by reducing the diameter of the exhaust pipe.